Piano Buying Guide

It can be confusing to buy a new piano. There are many different brands and models available. To help you make the best decision possible, we have put together a simple piano purchasing guide.

You should consider your budget and decide whether you’re willing to buy a brand new piano, or if you prefer a second-hand piano. Keep in mind that pianos are durable instruments with an average life span of around 40 years. A piano that is higher-quality is also a great investment as the value may be maintained well. If you are looking for piano lessons, you can visit us for more information.

You should buy a better piano than you feel you deserve. This will allow you to grow along with your piano. Do not buy an old, cheap piano. It’s unlikely that you will enjoy playing a low-quality piano, and this could easily make you give up.

It’s Space: Measure the room in which you want to place the piano. For upright pianos, you will need a minimum of 5 feet by 2 foot space. (Plus an additional 2 feet to accommodate the bench and pianist). Grand pianos can be anywhere between 5 and 7 feet wide by 4 to 9.5 feet deep depending on their model. Plus, they need an extra 2 feet of space for the pianist. Keep in mind the effect of humidity and temperature on the tune. Place the piano near an interior wall, away from any heat or cold sources like radiators, air conditioners, and direct sunlight.

Research – Before you go shopping, do some homework at home. Get familiar with terms. Before making a decision, you should visit several different piano stores.

Avoid buying a keyboard on your very first visit to a store. You should take your time to play as many pianos you can. You should be familiar with each piano’s touch, quality and tone. This will make it easier to select the best piano for you.

Consult a piano technician certified – Once you’ve inspected a few pianos to narrow down your options, ask an experienced technician to perform the final inspection. It is important to do this check as it can help you save a great deal of money when the instrument’s mechanics are not working properly.

The warranty period, the parts covered, and the delivery time. The warranty is it transferable if the buyer decides to sell their piano? The piano store offers maintenance. The final step is to negotiate the price. Make sure it includes delivery, a piano bench and a minimum of one free tuning.

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