Balance your Feminine and Masculine Energies

How relaxed, surrendered, and soft do you feel today. Is it? Yes, I understand.

Women trying to do everything, be it a husband, mother, or wife, should not try to “do all the things”. All of this DOING can drain women of their power, creativity, and juiciness. You can see on our website.

There is also the Catch 22. The one way of “being”, feminine energy, that actually rejuvenates women is what most women fear will make them weaker, or prevent them from accomplishing as much.

One interesting thing about women’s attitudes towards femininity is the fact that, even though they may be excited by the idea of the empowered female, their default mode of action when stressed is still the masculine energy.

It is important to balance your feminine and masculine energies when defining success for women.

Your feminine energy, or feminine energy, is where your creativity, intuition and feelings reside. Your masculine energy, on the other hand, is the concrete, logical and structured way that you experience the world.

You will be able to create your wealth and live your life with purpose if you keep your energies in balance.

I often see women swinging the pendulum: either they put too much energy into their masculine energy and “become” a man, or they keep their eyes on the abstract and focus everything on the feminine side of their own selves and never realize their dreams.

To help you develop your feminine side, here are some ways to do it:

Declare clearly that you want the following: “Here’s what I want…AND…I will keep this vision and feeling in my body until it becomes clear.”


Stating that “here’s what I want” but not knowing how it could be realized, why bother?

They are vastly different. The first statement opens the door to endless possibilities. It’s an unknown potential, and trusting in it is the true power.

The second statement can stop your progress before even you start.

I can’t stress this enough. Women fail most often because they have no idea how to proceed.

The path will be revealed, the way will lead you. It will take time to let go of your fears and allow your true self to shine. It will be difficult, but that’s part and parcel of becoming great. Allow yourself to learn and accept that you will always be able to fulfill your dreams.

Your femininity is what will make you successful.

o Remaining grounded in your body. Be aware of how you feel.

Breathing–slowing down and trusting in your intuition.

Start with this place of desire and move on to using your masculine energy for your desires to become a reality and be manifested in the world. The masculine structure is necessary to support and protect feminine creativity, energy and musings.

An excellent example of how to balance your masculine and female energy is the visual representation of water in beautiful flowers. Your feminine energy flows and feels fluid like water. However, it does require a vase to contain its feminine energy. The vase is representative for your masculine energy in that it is concrete and tangible and gives structure.