Google Reviews: Do You Buy Them?

Businesses are increasingly relying on online reviews in the digital age. Customers heavily rely upon reviews to make purchasing decisions. A company’s online presence will either make or break them. In an attempt to increase their rating and reputation, many businesses now buy Google reviews. Visit this site Preview Stars.

Google Reviews: What is it?

Google Reviews allow customers to express their opinions about a particular business. The reviews are displayed on Google My Business and visible by everyone who does a search for a business. The reviews provide a valuable look at a company’s services and products and are visible to anyone searching for the business.

Why Do Businesses Purchase Google Reviews?

Google Reviews can be purchased for several different reasons. First, good reviews will help boost your business’s reputation online and bring in new clients. Positive reviews and a higher ranking can boost a business’s visibility in Google results.

Some companies may also feel pressured to keep up with competitors who might have more ratings or reviews. It is possible to buy reviews in order to even the playing field. This will give the appearance that your business has the same popularity or success as the competition.

Why is Buying Google Reviews controversial?

Google frowns on the practice of buying Google reviews. Google review guidelines state clearly that companies should never offer rewards in exchange for positive reviews. Nor should they purchase or solicit third-party reviews. In the event that a violation of these guidelines occurs, reviews may be removed from Google My Business or the account could even be suspended.

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