Get to Know the Art of Painting

The cost and ease of learning to paint have never been lower. Since video is available, it’s possible to get instruction from top instructors around the globe. Many of these artists are too expensive, far or busy for most students. Certainly, the advent of video painting courses has revolutionized everything. But not every video course is the same. So here are nine suggestions for selecting best The Tingology Class.

1. Pick Video. Without a doubt, a painting class should be on video. The video should be full-length, from start to completion, and not just small clips of videos. This is a visually intensive activity and it’s best learned by watching an instructor go through every step.

2. There should be a good level of production values. Each demonstration needs to have clear and detailed close ups.

3. From Beginner to Advanced Courses; A complete learn and master course will take a total novice through a set-up of a painting studio, equipment and the initial supplies. In too many classes, beginners are left searching for basic information. Also, a dvd for more advanced painters should let them skip to the parts they find most interesting.

4. The instructor must have a wealth of knowledge, be highly educated in the field and be able to demonstrate their artistic abilities. In addition, it is important to have a talent for teaching. Most gifted artists will not be able identify the student level and become overwhelmed, frustrated or quit.

5. Painting Theory. An entire painting course shouldn’t just instruct you on how to replicate the instructor to learn one particular painting done in a specific style. You should learn how to create a three-dimensional object, understand why the colors behave the way they do and tonality.

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